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 Rosies of Color. Happy International Women’s Day. 

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The evolution of Halloween costumes for girls…

this is really important

This is why I get upset about the sexy costumes at Halloween.  Not because you don’t have the right to be sexy—you absolutely, absolutely do.  But because while you might be able to find costume #3 in a tween size in each of these rows, I can guarantee that in almost all cases, you will not find costume #2 in a teen or adult size.

Babies/toddlers get to be cute.  Kids/tweens get to be fun and spooky and still have modesty, if they want it.  Teens who aren’t on the small end are already getting the sexy, even if they really just want fun, spooky, and a skirt that goes below mid-thigh.  And adults?  LOL nope it’s sexy or nothing.

Everyone who is of an age to want sexy should be allowed to have sexy.  But “not sexy” should always be on the table as well, because sometimes you just want to be warm and cozy and filling a pillowcase with strangercandy.

Very relevant to this blog. 

OMG thank you to whoever put this together.

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Great Figures of the Men’s Rights Movement

CollegeHumor Article
Willie Muse, illustrated by Shea Strauss 

On point. 

Here at


, we celebrate and honor these pioneers of the movement. It is thanks to them that we can speak up against misandry today.

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Best friend was feelin’ sad so I made her some brownies 😏
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Best friend was feelin’ sad so I made her some brownies 😏

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